Anonymous asked:

I'm not in the MLP fandom but the same argument -- "it's for kids!" -- was used for years against Harry Potter fans who wrote erotica. I don't understand all the hate.

dottierthanthou answered:

A: Harry Potter is for young adults and has a much broader appeal than MLP.

B: As far as I know the HP fandom did a lot better job of keeping said erotica away from the actual kids of the fandom and didn’t hijack the major fandom by making it all about porn, but if they didn’t then:

C: Still not cool - if you’re gonna sexualize fiction for children then stick to the deep dark corners of the internet and make sure it’s never seen by kids (assuming we’re talking about the adults in the series). And if it includes actual children characters you should seriously look at your life/choices, cause I am gonna draw some conclusions if you’re into porn with underage characters, that’s just a thing that’s going to happen.

And it’s not “hate”, it’s … whatever you call not being here for pedophilia or anything even remotely resembling it? Common sense? Basic human decency? Hell I’m not even a big fan of kids, but I know enough to know invading their space with porn is a messed up thing to do. 

Google MLP.

Spoiler: the second result is 4CHAN.

Google Harry Potter.

Spoiler: nothing on the first 3 pages would take kids to fanfic porn. Googling “HP” gives you Hewlett-Packard pages.

GIS My Little Pony.

Spoiler: On the 8th line of images is an upskirt of a partially human pony.  There’s also a creepy as fuck image of clearly underage little girls in barely-there bikinis.

Moreover, a lot of HP fanfic was being written by teenagers, the intended audience. as they explored their own sexualities using characters at or around their own age who were going thru the same tribulations of puberty during the books. We fucking know for a gd fact that MLP porn is not coming from 2-11 yr old girls who are masturbating to images of ponies that are basically a stand in for other 2-11 yr old girls. Kids aren’t fantasizing about Princess fucking Molestia. Come. THE FUCK. On.






Proposal to replace “brotp” with “frotp” (for friendship-otp), especially when referring to pairings including female characters? Because it may not be perfect but it makes me cringe at least 67%…

Women who buy the brony bullshit “I’m just rejecting gender roles!” make me sad.