Why would you though? Do you force yourself to like every other supporting character in every other show? Is there a reason why she in particular must be liked?

I wanted to like her because I always do that thing where I hate the…

My head canon has always been that Ichabod has an idealized vision of his wife. My sister and I were talking about it the other day and it does seem like Ichabod is more in love with the idea of Katrina and what their marriage represents than an unconditional love. It’s a stereotypical courtly love. He’s still learning about his wife, and he’s constantly having to justify her many secrets and lies to him as trying to protect him and their marriage. The fact that they were constantly kept apart while Ichabod was away spying probably helped with their secrets, but it does make you wonder how the topics were avoided when they were together or did Katrina play the role of sweet and supportive spouse with nothing of importance of her day to talk about.

If there’s one thing that both Ichabod and Abraham (and the writers/executive producers) have all done with regards to Katrina is treat her as a prize to be won and not an individual. How she feels is assumed to mirror what the men in her life assume she is feeling. She’s rarely ever given a chance to express how she truly feels, and even when she does, those thoughts are argued down at best, ignored at worst.

I wonder what will happen when Ichabod and Katrina are reunited and he has to examine the woman he loves with all warts exposed. Will he still be able to wax poetic about their love or will he start to wonder why their bond is so drastically different from the relationship he has with his lieutenant. Or will he revert back to status quo to where Katrina can do no wrong in his eyes and that they are of one mind on everything (even when they’re clearly not). If the writer’s keep insisting this marriage is ironclad and there is not a devious bone in Katrina’s body, the only way to save the marriage and the character is to let it mature and for Katrina to have a life apart from her husband.

This is just perfect beautiful insightful meta and I have nothing much to add to it other than *applause* and agreement, this nails down a lot of vague feelings I’ve had rattling around about them but been unable to really specify. 

All of that covers why I wish I liked her, too. She’s clearly been wronged in these ways, regardless of whether she’s lying or Team Evil or whatever the plot has in store for her. They have treated her poorly and diminished her, but it just doesn’t sit right with me to similarly cast her aside as forever useless.

She IS (seemingly) a crap witch. We don’t see her have any of the agency she’s described as having. We hear about her hunting down an evil witch, but she also has putz’ed around in purgatory for centuries. We’re supposed to think she is a ‘Strong Female Character’ but she’s not really giving the feminist in me much to cheer for.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t do better by her. I want the writers to address this, because it would mean they are aware of how they’ve written her and the men around her, for one. But also because it would mean some growth for Crane if she calls him on his crap and he admits to himself he’s done it. (Ultimately, I wouldn’t mind if that’s what splits them up… but that’s neither here nor there.)

And honestly, I don’t want to fall into the common trap of hating the woman who is ~an obstacle~ to my ship. I can hate the way the writers have handled her. I can hate that some in the fandom see her as the only option for Crane because Mills is black. I can hate the embarrassingly fake color they keep sticking on her head (I mean, come on, they didn’t have L’Oreal Feria #36 in the Revolution. RIDICULOUS). But I don’t want to demonize her outright. I wish I had more hope for her to find some other purpose in her life than being Crane and Abraham’s Man Pain. I don’t have much. But I want to think that I’d be pleased to see it if the writers get here.


Anonymous asked:

omigod why is nobody talking about the part in the dvd commentary when tom said he'd love for ichobod to babysit macey and goffman or kurtzman said he might get to?? how amazing would it be to see crane babysit a teenage girl who may or may not look exactly like my headcanon future ichabbie baby?!?!??!? i'm sorry i'm way too excited

dottierthanthou answered:

There actually was a post on that a while back I think, but I have no idea where it is now.  The consensus was: HELL YES though, that is a thing that needs to happen, and also damnit now I can’t unsee her as their future child and it kinda weirds me out to try to imagine Ichabbie as old enough to have a teenage daughter and wow that’s a weird mental image (still hot, but weird) and … wait what were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, Crane babysitting, that’s definitely on my wish list. I keep remembering that scene with Macey trying to explain Vines to Frank (which tbh I don’t really get myself) and A) that was a great scene and I desperately want a “frustrated/confused Frank and Crane bond over wtf teenagers/new weird things” and B) imagine that times a thousand with Ichabod. And then she shows him some good ones and he gets reluctantly hooked and they bond and it’s adorable and Abbie and Frank walks in to find them doubled over from rewatching the best one for the 3rd time. 

Or, since we’re sorta on the subject of Crane + Macey/teenage/technology headcanons/wishes: I kinda want to see Crane embrace netspeak like in texts. Cause it actually makes sense when you think about it - sure, he’s British and a scholar and stuck in his ways, but netspeak is basically code, riddles, and that seems right up his alley. Like imagine he’s babysitting Abbie and she sends him a text with some weird abbreviation or emoji-string and he mutters about it and Macey translates it and he’s annoyed and Crane-y and then she explains why it’s useful and good and alludes to the code angle and then he’s kinda into it? Idk, I’d like that, I headcanon future/past Ichabod as my kinda language dork - the practical, “I may not like change but I recognize the need for language to evolve along with the rest of society” kind, even if he’s currently stuck in grumpy-cat-mode and clinging to the past. 

Anyway, this went off on it’s own somewhere… Basically yes and I am excited too and I really hope this happens. 



I never knew this is everything I ever wanted, but this is everything I ever wanted. Is there fic of this? Of Macey basically taking it upon herself to educate Crane about pop culture? Teaching him about emoticons and text speak and introducing him to wikipedia, which for a man like Crane would be an unprecedented wealth of knowledge and frustration.

I can see him getting into baseless arguments with trolls in the comments section of youtube, and Macey having to forcibly take the laptop away from him. Imagine her trying to explain memes to him. Imagine him becoming fascinated by her high school science homework and the advancements in technology and her showing him clips from Bill Nye and Cosmos and various tedtalks.

Imagine Macey Irving single-handedly changing Ichabod Crane’s negative opinion about the “nin-a-net” in a single afternoon.

I also imagine her assuming that Abbie and Crane are a thing because she is clever and perceptive, and making all sorts of allusions to them being together.

Yeeeees, someone’s gotta write this, I want it so bad. And I’ve thought about Crane and Wikipedia too, I imagine he’d both enjoy and despair at it and then edit the historical pages (which no doubt are atrociously inaccurate) but get into arguements because it’s not like he can list himself as a source. 

And yeah memes would be a fun conversation, and omg yes homework-help and science and him helping her with her history essay (but then getting her in trouble because again: no sources, and then he feels bad and lets her talk him into switching out his old hair string/tie, which she declares gross, for a new elastic thingy). And ofc she’d be all over Ichabbie too, yes, perfect.

Someone write this!